About SBCC

The Saud Al-Babtain Center for Cardiac Medicine and Surgery is a specialized center for cardiology and cardiac surgery in the city of Dammam in the Eastern Province and is a governmental center affiliated with the Saudi Ministry of Health under the management of the first health cluster in the Eastern Region.


How did the dream of building a cardiac center in the eastern Province start?

The dream of building a cardiac center in the eastern province started as an idea. The idea was for the Friends of the Patients Association in the Eastern province , and the idea was adopted by the Prince of the Eastern Region, Prince / Mohammed bin Fahd bin Abdulaziz, and for his belief in the importance of social participation for the private sector in supporting health care projects to serve the people of the Eastern province . He informed the businessman Sheikh / Abdul Wahab Saud Al-Babtain who agreed to the idea of establishing a cardiac center project.


The idea turns into reality

The project plan was handed over to the International Engineering Office to start construction work on the project and equip it over three years at a total financial cost of (95,000,000) ninety five million riyals borne by the donor in full and the center began work in the year 2001 AD.


How did we become a center of Excellence in cardiology and cardiac surgery ?

By the grace of God and the generous support provided by the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and his Crown Prince and the encouragement of His Royal Highness the prince of the Eastern province  and under the guidance of the Excellency the Minister of Health, the follow-up of the General Directorate of Health Affairs in the Eastern Region and the first healthcare cluster in the Eastern province, efforts of the center’s employees towards providing a unique and distinct medical service to meet the needs of not only the citizens and residents of the eastern province, but have also extended to neighboring Gulf states. 

Through the program of self-employment, the center used distinguished competencies in its field from all specialties from inside and outside the Kingdom in addition to regular recruitment of Saudi and foreign experts from all countries of the world to develop medical management systems in a manner that is compatible with the most updated protocols of management of cardiac patients. The excellence of the Saud Al-Babtain Center for Cardiac Medicine and Surgery came from the ability of the team and management of the center to achieve harmony between providing medical treatment services while maintaining the utmost quality and safety.

Because the center’s management believes in the importance of quality and its commitment to international medical safety standards, Saud AlBabtain Cardiac Center was accredited from the Saudi Central Board for Accreditation of Healthcare Institutes (CBAHI) and the Joint Commission International (JCI)

Saud Al-Babtain Center was opened in 2001 and the center provides services for all cardiac patients, citizens and residents in the eastern region and neighboring Gulf countries. The center is considered one of the largest cardiac centers affiliated to the Ministry of Health in terms of comprehensive service and quality of productivity.

The center is located within the scope of Dammam Medical Complex and it holds building number 13.

The center was built on an area of ​​1360 square meters with the best techniques of modern construction and consists of six floors in addition to an underground floor with a total area of ​​7000 square meters and a total number of 64 beds including 18 beds of intensive care.

Recently in 2019, Satellite outpatient clinics were opened in the medical fittness center to serve chronic patients

The center performs nearly 4,000 cardiac catheters and nearly 800 open-heart surgery procedures.

The Ground Floor includes:
  • Diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheter unit and chest pain unit
  • Outpatient clinics for all the center’s specialties
  • Outpatient pharmacy
  • Cardiac Echocardiography lab
  • Radiology Unit
  • Nuclear medicine& radioisotopes unit
  • Medical records and Reports
  • Patient Affairs Department
The First Floor includes:
  • Department of Open Heart Operations for adults and pediatrics
  • Department of Laboratory and Blood Bank
  •  The main pharmacy
The Second Floor includes:
  • Cardiac surgery intensive care unit
  • Coronary care unit
The Third Floor includes:
  • Male Cardiac Ward
The Fourth Floor includes:
  • Female and Pediatric Cardiac Ward
The Fifth Floor includes:
  • The Administration