Cardiac Anaesthesia

The Department of Cardiac Anesthesia includes an elite group of cardiac anesthesia consultants assisted by a selected group of skilled anesthesiologist and anesthetists.

The cardiac anesthesia department provides its services to Saud Al-Babtain cardiac Center patients 24 hours a day, through the presence of a full team to follow up the patient after surgical and cardiac interventions.

The cardiac anesthesia department characterized by the use of the most updated anesthetic techniques and vital sign monitoring systems including intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography.

The services of the Department of Cardiac Anesthesia include:

  • Anesthesia for adult open-heart surgery
  • Anesthesia for pediatric and neonatal open-heart surgeries
  • Anesthesia for critical catheterization interventions
  • Management and follow-up of postoperative cardiac surgical patients in intensive care units
  • Management and follow-up of patients with respiratory failure
  • Supervising ECMO patients.