Cardiac Care Unit

The cardiac care unit includes a distinguished group of cardiologists and is assisted by a select group of cardiac care nursing staff. The unit uses follows the most updated cardiac management protocols and uses the latest cardiac monitoring devices.

The unit provides its services 24 hours a day, and receives all critical heart cases from inside and outside the center. The unit also receives referrals of cardiac patients from all over the Kingdom, post-interventional catheterization patients, and acute and chronic cardiomyopathic patients

The unit’s services include:

  • Management and follow up of critical cardiac patients
  • Management and following-up of patients after emergency cardiac catheterization
  • Management and follow-up of acute and chronic heart failure cases
  • Management and follow-up of patients with angina pectoris and myocardial infarction 
  • Management and follow-up of patients after cardiac interventional procedures