Home Health Care

Home health care is a set of comprehensive services provided to patients in their homes who suffer from diseases that prevent them from reaching hospitals. These services include preventive, curative and rehabilitative services, and psychological and social support through a medical team that includes physicians, physiotherapists, nursing and qualified, licensed and trained nutritionists on the basics of home health care.

 Services provided to patients:

  • Check the patient’s home safety.
  • Monitor the stability of the patient’s health condition through regular visits by the medical team to the patient’s place of residence.
  • Follow up on the regularity of taking medications according to the dose and timing prescribed by the attending physician
  • Provide home care to the patient according to his need, such as colic opening, urinary catheters or bedsores.
  • Conducting the necessary periodic examinations ahead of time with the attending physician and communicating with the patient’s relatives regarding the results of the laboratory investigations and the appropriate treatment plan.
  • Transfer the patient to the hospital or the emergency department, as appropriate to the patient’s condition.
  • Rehabilitation of the patient with physical and occupational therapy.
  • Providing the necessary nutrition awareness according to the patient’s condition
  • Providing psychological and social support to the patient and his companions.

Patient admission criteria:

  • Referring the patient’s physician to the home medicine department.
  • To be one of the targeted groups.
  • The approval of the head of the family for the patient to join home health care.
  • Provides a home environment suitable for the patient’s health condition.
  • The presence of qualified patient facilities.
  • The condition is psychologically stable.