Non-Invasive Cardiac Laboratory

The Echocardiography laboratory  includes an excellent group of cardiac consultants who are specialized in cardiac ultrasound and assisted by a distinguished group of technicians trained to use the latest types of ultrasound devices and to use the technology of four-dimensional ultrasound.

The Echocardiography laboratory provides its services to the cardiac patients at the center 24 hours a day, and provides its services to outpatient patients daily during the morning period.

The department’s services include:

  • Examination of cardiac patients at the center by echocardiography
  • Provide echocardiographic examination of outpatient patients
  • Provides stress echocardiocardiography examination
  • Provides  4-D echocardiography  examination
  •  Provide transesophygeal echocardiography
  • Provide intraoperative Transesophygeal echocardiography for open heart surgical patients
  • Echocardiography follow-up of patients in the intensive care units.
  • Holter ECG monitor.

  • Stress Echo treadmill test