Nuclear Medicine

Myocardial perfusion imaging (using radio-isotopes) is considered as one of the most important investigation to diagnose and treat Coronary Artery Disease. SBCC is offering this service through the Nuclear Cardiology Unit, located at ground floor.  Service started in the unit at 1425 H and around 800-900 study is done every year.

The unit receives patients referred rom the OPD and the other hospitals as well.

The unit is equipped with the most recent technology needed to perform accurate studies. There is Gamma camera (last version) loaded with the most appropriate processing protocol. There is also treadmill for physical stress test and the recent and advanced dose calibrations, survey meters and area monitors for accurate measuring of dose and early and accurate detection of any radio-isotope spills.

Waste disposal of the radio-isotopes is done following the guidelines to insure safety of the community.

The unit is licensed from King Abdul-Aziz Medical City and the license is reviewed every 2 years.