Patients and Family Rights and Responsibilities

Patient Rights List

Care .. You have the right to:
  • To obtain a high level of care and attention in an environment that respects customs and traditions.
  • Obtain appropriate pain relievers and necessary treatment.
  • Discuss the medical service provided to you with the doctor.
  • Obtain a copy of the exit instructions.
  • Providing support tools for the comfort and safety of heart patients.
Information .. You have the right to know:
  • The names of the medical personnel caring for you, especially the doctor responsible for your condition.
  • Health status and treatment steps.
  • Risks and complications arising from your rejection of any kind of treatment provided that the refusal is written.
  • Doctors or trained practitioners may participate in health care under the supervision of the medical staff responsible for your treatment, with the approval of the center’s management.
  • The approximate price of any medical or surgical intervention for which a fee is paid (for whom the medical insurance regulations apply)
  • Other alternatives to services.
  • Receive necessary instructions on the steps to file complaints or suggestions to officials.
  • Receive the information you need in the way you understand.
  • We support and respect your decision to donate organs. If you want to donate organs, you can call the toll-free Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation 8001245500, please note that this service is not available at the Saud Al-Babtain Center for Cardiac Medicine and Surgery. To learn some information about organ donation, please do not hesitate to speak to the social work specialist.
Privacy, security and safety ... You have the right to:
  • Enjoy complete privacy during the checks.
  • Enjoy full privacy in relation to medical and social information.
  • Ensure that your medical file and all your medical information are treated with complete confidentiality.
  • Handing over your personal belongings to the Chief Nursing Officer for safekeeping and loss.
  • Enjoy freedom and security while you are at the center.

List of Responsibilities of Patients and Visitors

  • Follow the center’s instructions regarding patient behavior.
  • Observe the rights of other patients.
  • Take responsibility for the loss or loss of any personal property if it is not delivered to the center.
  • Observe the directions of the center not to smoke at all.
  • Taking into account not to use the mobile phone in the center’s departments.
  • The visitors commitment to the visiting times specified by the center’s management.
  • Provide all of your information required to complete the payment for your treatment and medical care in the center.
  • Inform the treating team when they feel pain.
  • Provide complete and accurate information about your health to the treating team.
  • Follow the treatment plan recommended by the treating physicians.
  • Follow the doctors ’instructions regarding taking the medication and taking it regularly.
  • Attendance at the specified dates for follow-up or call to change the appointment in case of failure to attend.
  • Inform the attending physician of the inability to follow the treatment plan.
  • Ensure that all diagnostic and treatment procedures are understood before signing the medical declaration.
  • Treat all employees of the center with respect and appreciation.
  • Take responsibility for any deterioration in your health condition when you refuse treatment.
  • Understand that there is no treatment without the possibility of damage, either medication or surgical intervention.
  • You sign in writing the official papers when you refuse treatment.
  • Not to take children to the center or bring food to patients.
  • Delivery of any home-brought medications to the chief nursing officer to reduce their impact on the course of the treatment plan.
  • Your transfer to the exit hall a day before will be determined by the responsible doctor, at which point the medications will be explained and an exit summary will be taken with the appointment.