The Department of Pharmacy Services at Saud Al-Babtain Center provides a 24-hour service to all inpatients and the Emergency Department in cooperation with the health care team, including physicians and nurses.

Pharmacy services departments :

  • Outpatient Pharmacy Department: This unit provides services to patients in outpatient clinics and the emergency department.
  • Inpatient Pharmacy Department: This unit provides the service for inpatients in all departments and provides the required medications and doses for each patient with a single dose system, emergency medicines, and hospital discharge medications with 24-hour medical advice.
  • Clinical Pharmacy Services Department: This unit is concerned with monitoring drug care closely and throughout the day in terms of possible drug interactions and correct doses. The clinical pharmacist also participates in the daily medical tours with the treating team. The pharmacist plays an important role in managing the liquidity clinic for anticoagulants.
  • Department of Narcotic and Controlled Medicines: This unit is concerned with preparing and dispensing of narcotic and controlled drugs to the internal departments of the center according to the laws and regulations stipulated by the Ministry of Health and the Food and Drug General Authority.
  • Pharmacy Quality Department: The Pharmacy Services Department also provides full supervision of the optimal use of the drug and following international and local laws that ensure the correct use of the drug.